Lung Monitor usb

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For the home monitoring of FEV1, FEV6 & the ratio with electronic & hard copy reports

The lung monitor USB combines all of the features of the lung monitor with the ability to link to your PC. Session data and device ID may be transmitted to Vitalograph Reports or an API developers’ kit is available for providers of e-Diary, home hub and telemedicine solutions.




  • BMI calculated
  • Blow quality and number of blows indicated
  • Ability to add comments to the report
  • Information presented in tabular and graphical form
  • Report headers can be customised
  • Automatically names the pdf file using subject name and date

Reports include:

  • Subject ID and name
  • Age, height, gender, and weight fields optional
  • Best FEV1, FEV6 and ratio automatically populated
  • Personal best FEV1 set in the lung monitor
  • Device ID and time/date fields
  • Automatically populated


Product Vitalograph lung monitor usb
Model Number 4000
Part Number 40500, 40400, 40750, 40950
Description Vitalograph lung monitor, Vitalograph lung monitor usb, Vitalograph lung monitor bluetooth, Vitalograph lung monitor serial
Parameters Displayed FEV1, FEV6 , FEV1/FEV6 ratio and FEF
Memory FEV1, FEV6 , FEV1/FEV6 ratio and FEF
Quality of Blow Indicator Yes
Accuracy Better than +/- 3%
Range 0 – 9.99 L BTPS
Sensor Stator rotor
Flow Impedance Better than 0.15 kPa/L/s at 14 L/s
Power Supply AAA batteries
Display Custom liquid crystal display
Size 113 x 63 x 48mm
Weight 55g net
Performance standards ISO 26782:2009
ISO 23747:2007
ATS/ERS Guidelines 2005
Operating Temperature Range 17 – 37°C
Management Zones Factory set 3 zones
Green/Yellow threshold 95%
Yellow/Red threshold 90%
Zones may be changed by the user And number of zones increased to 4
Safety Standards IEC 60601-1:2005
Medical Safety Standard Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC
Designed and manufactured to following QA/GMP standards ISO 13485:2003
FDA 21CFR820


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