• Compact 1025 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator

    Weighing only 19 kg (42 lbs), the 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator is one of the smallest, most compact high-volume concentrators on the market, perfect for patients who require more than 5 lpm of oxygen. Equipped with exclusive DeVilbiss Oxygen Sensing Device (OSD®) for monitoring oxygen produced, this concentrator helps to ensure user safety and product reliability.

    • Capable of delivering up to 96% of O2 purity from 2 to 10 LPM
    • Equipped with accessible patient controls, bright LEDs that can be seen from a distance, protected cannula fitting and recessed humidifier nook to prevent damage
    • Transfill Caddy (sold separately) with 18 x 14 inch shelf connects easily to 10L Concentrator
  • Compact 525 – 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator

    Delivering up to 5 lpm with high oxygen concentration across all flow rates, this compact concentrator helps to increase patient comfort and lower operating costs.

    • Improved sound level reduction and power consumption
    • OSD® sensor to continuously monitor oxygen levels
    • Visual and audible alarms for low oxygen levels, power failure, pressure drop and service required
  • iFill – Home Oxygen Filling Station

    This easy-to-use oxygen filling station extracts and pressurizes room air for quick and convenient cylinder filling. The unlimited, refillable supply of oxygen allows patients to continue filling cylinders as often as required without putting their oxygen therapy on hold.

    • Accomodates a range of cylinder sizes for different uses
    • Filling station can be placed anywhere in the home
    • Comes with unit, mains lead, two cylinders (depending on package ordered) and a cylinder bag
  • iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    The groundbreaking iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) has created a new class of product – the auto-adjusting POC. This first-of-its-kind POC uses patented SmartDose Technology. Now you can enjoy life more freely without worrying about changing oxygen settings during activity. This gives you the peace of mind and the freedom you have been looking for.

    • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliant for in-flight use
    • Lightweight and easy to carry in its convenient over-the-shoulder carry case
    • Revolutionary SmartDoseTM Technology automatically adjusts oxygen production & delivery in real time to meet patient demand