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Our detergents for bedpan washer-disinfectors get care utensils perfectly clean, even when faced with significant quantities of ointment residue. They also take less of a toll on the environment.

So how do you benefit?

  • Compatibility with a wide range of materials
  • Outstanding calcium binding capacity to get care utensils perfectly clean while keeping machines in great condition
  • 100% guaranteed reliability in delivering the optimal dose of chemicals
  • Protects the environment by minimising the amount of chemicals required
  • Meet the requirements of the German Act on Medical Devices (Medizinproduktegesetz – MPG). It’s important to remember that chemicals can also be classed as a medical device, in which case the manufacturer is required to produce a compatibility certificate.


Doyen R 100

Bedpan detergent, slightly alkaline
Item no. 2001485
Doyen R 100 cleans care utensils powerfully and deeply – without harming either the materials it comes into contact with or the environment. Providing sparkling and reliably hygienic results, Doyen R 100 is an all-purpose detergent that works with all water hardnesses.

Doyen RS 120

Bedpan detergent, acidic
Item no. 2001486
Doyen RS 120 is a powerful special detergent for ointment residues. This all-purpose solution works with all water hardnesses.