Softeners and rinse agents

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Sometimes the quality of the water can make it challenging to operate a bedpan washer. Fortunately, the softening action of our recommended choice of rinse aid effectively prevents limescale build-up in the machine and ensures care utensils come out sparkling clean every time.

So how do you benefit?

  • Compatibility with a wide range of materials
  • Outstanding calcium binding capacity to get care utensils perfectly clean while keeping machines in great condition
  • 100% guaranteed reliability in delivering the optimal dose of chemicals
  • Protects the environment by minimising the amount of chemicals required
  • Meet the requirements of the German Act on Medical Devices (Medizinproduktegesetz – MPG). It’s important to remember that chemicals can also be classed as a medical device, in which case the manufacturer is required to produce a compatibility certificate.


Doyen SK22E

Bedpan rinse agent with softener, slightly acidic
Item no. 2003631

The new improved Doyen SK22E is the only rinse agent with a softening action which has been specially developed for all MEIKO cleaning and disinfection machines in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by MEIKO. For more than 20 years, customers have relied on Doyen SK22E to achieve outstanding, sparkling cleaning results for their care utensils. Doyen SK22E works tirelessly and effectively to prevent limescale build-up in the steam generator – without harming either the materials it comes into contact with or the environment. When set to its optimal dosage, Doyen SK22E guarantees superb results with minimal chemical consumption – and that means lower costs!

Doyen SK22E with apple scent

Bedpan rinse agent with softener, slightly acidic
Item no. 2003634
Choose Doyen SK22E with apple scent to eliminate unpleasant odours in your utility room. Enhance the working environment while enjoying all the special features of new improved Doyen SK22E technology.

Doyen SK33E

Bedpan rinse agent, acidic
Item no. 2003632
Doyen SK33E is a great choice for more challenging conditions such as high water hardness or phosphate treatment. Its special ingredients ensure excellent calcium binding properties to keep the steam generator free from limescale even with very hard water. That makes it the ideal choice to produce sparkling clean, perfectly hygienic care utensils.