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This model includes a wall-mounted slop sink unit as well as the TOPIC 10 cleaning and disinfection appliance. The slop sink unit is made from stainless steel with no flushing rim, removing one of the typical breeding grounds for waterborne pathogens and biofilms and thus boosting hygiene safety.

The layout of this small combined care unit could not be any more compact. Not to mention all the usual TOPIC hygiene benefits (A0 value control system in line with DIN EN ISO 15883) as well as the space-space saving dimensions of 1,000 mm x 1,830/700 mm (from the floor). Ideal for reliable emptying, cleaning and disinfection of bedpans, urine bottles and potties. This makes your carers’ work easier and improves the safety of staff and residents alike. Allowing staff members to focus on care instead of cleaning chores.


  • The perfect choice for planners on a tight budget, this compact solution from MEIKO may look small, but it packs a big punch when it comes to hygiene
  • Perfect for nursing facilities and care homes
  • Quick and easy installation makes it the perfect choice for refurbishment and renovation projects
  • Compact and versatile at the same time – can also be used to clean washbowls and children’s toys