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Active support for early functional treatment of the shoulder joint

For shoulder complaints following injury or surgery, or caused by osteoarthritis, OmoTrain stabilizes the shoulder joint and provides secure joint guidance during movement thanks to its special strap system. The support activates the muscles and exerts a beneficial intermittent compression massage on the soft tissues, thereby relieving pain. If required, a removable massage pad (Delta pad) can provide additional massage for specific pain spots.

  • centers the shoulder joint
  • relieves pain
  • can be worn on the left or the right

Product Details

  • 01 Three-dimensional Train active knit
    for a perfect fit
  • 02 Viscoelastic Delta pad with frictional nubs
    supports the stabilisation of the shoulder joint and accelerates the absorption of edemas and effusions
  • 03 Good elasticity
    to make it easy to put on and take off the support
  • 04 Strap and Train active knit
    center the glenohumeral joint
  • 05 Reduced compression at the edges
    prevents constriction and feels pleasant to wear
  • 06 The special chest-free wearing system
    leaves the chest area free and does not restrict breathing, ensuring excellent wearing comfort


In conservative treatment for the shoulder, secure guidance of the injured joint and carefully controlled mobilization are often key factors for successful healing. It is therefore also important to relieve pain in order to encourage mobility. With its compression knit and the tensile effect exerted by its special strap system, the OmoTrain centers the shoulder joint and protects it against painful circular movements. However, it also provides support for other movements, such as the lateral lifting of the arm, in order to strengthen the musculature. The full pain-relieving effect of the support is produced during movement. During movement, the compression knit exerts a beneficial intermittent compression massage that activates the metabolism and helps to reduce swelling more quickly. The Delta pad increases this massage effect, thanks to its nubs and its joint-cavity ridge that have a targeted effect on specific pain spots. When necessary, the Delta pad can be attached into the support and positioned as required.


The support is easy to put on and take off thanks to its high elasticity, and it is secured to the upper body by means of a soft strap. The chest area is left free, so the support is particularly comfortable to wear. The OmoTrain is available as a universal version and can therefore be worn on either the left or the right. The breathable, anatomically contoured compression knit adapts to fit the shoulder perfectly and does not cause discomfort during movement. Support is therefore provided for the healing process, pain is reduced and mobility improved.

Technical Details





Medical Details


  • osteoarthritis
  • post-traumatic irritation
  • post-operative irritation



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All Train active supports can be machine washed separately at 30°C with liquid detergent. Please note the following:

  1. For products with Velcro straps: remove the straps if possible, or fasten them securely in position.
  2. If possible, also remove pads/inserts and their terrycloth covers before washing.

We recommend using a mesh bag (spin cycle: maximum of 500 revolutions per minute). Air dry your Train active support. Do not dry it in a tumble-dryer because this can damage the knit.

Please wash your Train active support regularly so that the compression qualities of the knit are retained.