TopLine 10 A

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This small care unit features the TopLine 10 cleaning and disinfection appliance and a slop sink unit, both mounted on the wall – making it easy to keep the surrounding area clean. Steam reduction and recooling systems maintain a pleasant climate in the utility room.

This cleaning and disinfection appliance features an integrated, stainless steel slop sink, making it an ideal small combined care unit. It measures just 1.0 m in width, making it a space-saving installation which can easily slot in with the existing equipment in your utility room. The funnel-shaped slop sink unit for hygiene purposes comes with no flushing rim, i.e. with no slit for the water. Instead, a spiral water jet acts as the optimum self-cleaning feature for the slop sink funnel. If the slop sink is out of use for an extended period, an optional time switch is available to start slop sink flushing automatically once a day.


  • Patented, cutting-edge technology provides the guaranteed hygiene standards that patients expect
  • No steam can escape from the machine, so care staff have the reassurance of a safe working environment
  • Fast cleaning and disinfection process thanks to short wash cycles (built-in steam generator/water tank)
  • A0 value can be set to the required level in each case (60, 600, 3000), providing maximum flexibility
  • Efficient reprocessing thanks to multi-purpose racks and holders for different care utensils
  • Safer and more hygienic thanks to air drying and cooling with filtered air and disinfection of all the water-carrying lines in the system to prevent recontamination
  • Responsible management of the disinfection process is easy thanks to the temperature sensors and data analysis by the control software


Width 1000 mm
Depth 450 mm
Height 1630 mm
Clearance from floor 200 mm
Kaltwasser R1/2″
Warmwasser 45-60°C R1/2″
Fließdruck > 1
Durchfluss > 18
Ablauf DN 100
Electrical connection 400V, 3N PE, 50Hz, 4,6 kW
Elektroanschluss (Alternativ) 230V, 1N PE, 50Hz, 2,8kW
Arbeitsplatzbezogener Emissionswert LpA 50