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MP800 (PamoII) Semi Modularised Patient Monitor PDF Print E-mail



 Sufficient specification as Ward and Bedside Monitor

- Virtual Screen (Full, Wide Numeric Display, BP mode, and Trend mode)
- ECG(7Lead), SpO2, NIBP, 1-Temp and Optional Printer
- Auto & Manual QRS detection*, S-T segment, Arrhythmia detection, Pace Maker 
- Color Tone, 72hours Trend, RS232(STD) & Lan Network(Optional)
- Multi Language

Convenience and Various Installation (optional)

- CART and Quick Basket: for Ward, Transportable, Doctor’s round
- Quick Basket System with IV pole: ER, Ambulance
- Semi-Modular Type to easy maintenance
- Optional Printer
- Special Function

Auto & Manual QRS detection*: It is manual QRS and HR detection for Arrhythmia and softpulse.

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