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With this set, dust in the workplace is reduced to a minimum. Its engineering and, in
turn, effectiveness correspond precisely to the dust extraction requirements of GOLD
an TITANIUM oscillation saws. Specially developed for the extraction of grinding dust
and sawdust, the system filters out 99,97 % of all particles larger than 0,5 μm from the
outgoing air. In this way, it makes an important contribution to the environment and the
economics of the orthopedic department alike. Thanks to the electrical circuit
connecting the set, the extractor in standby mode switches on and off automatically
with the saw.

HB 8888-02 Complete with saw HB 8880, Vacuum Cleaner + Tube + Hose clamp
+ Dust Removal Unit + Tools + Saw Blade HB 8896-03
(but without HB 8883-03, HB 8883-05).

HB 8889-02 Retrofitting Kit for oscillating saw ECO 2
(Vacuum Cleaner + Tube + Hose clamp + Tools + Dust Removal
Unit + adapter cable)