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 hebu 8888-001

In order to minimize the inhalation of dust of employees and to prevent bothersome
dust in the working area and working rooms, the HEBU Dust Extractor was developed.
It sets itself apart through a special high working efficiency and fits to all GOLD and
TITANIUM Oscillating Saws. To install the efficient dust extractor in no time at all, only
normal tools are required. In combination with the Vacuum Cleaner HB 8881 and its
outlet, that is specially made for the HEBU Cast Cutters, the dust extractor system is
automatically switched on and off when the saw is used. The operation of a second
switch is no longer necessary.

HB 8888-01 Complete with saw HB 8884, Vacuum Cleaner + Tube + Hose clamp +
Tools + Dust Removal Unit + Saw Blade HB 8896-0
(but without HB 8883-01, HB 8883-05)

HB 8889-01 Retrofitting Kit for all GOLD and TITANIUM Saws (Vacuum Cleaner + Tube
+ Hose clamp + adapter cable + Tools + Dust Removal Unit)