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ErgoPad Work Product

ErgoPad® work

Dynamic support. Active protection.

The dual component active core foot orthosis from the synthetics sector has been specially designed for both work and leisure in everyday life. Thanks to the "active core", the orthopedic foot orthosis works biodynamically, i.e. it guides the foot optimally from the heel to the toes and distributes body weight across the entire foot. Pressure is noticeably relieved on both the feet and the entire body – especially if you walk or stand for long periods of time.

  • > Biodynamic gait pattern, thanks to the active core
  • Particularly relieves pressure in everyday activities that involve long periods of standing or walking.
  • Suitable for comfort footwear

From the heel to the toes

The new active core combines rigid and soft orthotic components. The soft materials cushion the step, while the rigid materials guide and support the foot where needed. The special shape of the core encourages the correct dynamic heel-to-toe movement of the foot. Pressure is relieved, both on the feet and on the entire musculoskeletal and locomotor system. 

Designs and uses

The foot orthosis is optimally designed to meet the requirements of everyday activities. The effect of the orthopedic orthosis is particularly noticeable when spending long periods standing or when carrying heavy loads. The ErgoPad work matches the fit of comfort shoes. It can easily be fitted into these shoes, provided that they have a removable sole with a minimum thickness of 3-5 mm.

Only available from medical retailers

The ErgoPad work involves working with a model. It is therefore only available from a medical retailer – an orthotist. The orthotist will take all the necessary measurements of the foot and diagnose the status of the foot using digital measurement technology/foam imprint/ink imprint/physical examination. Following this measurement process, the orthotist will then modify the model to produce a custom-made foot orthosis, taking the relevant footwear into account. Thanks to a foot orthosis of this kind, a standard shoe can be made into a customized shoe.