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Globotec Comfort Sports Product

GloboTec® comfort sports

The foot orthosis for sport

The foot orthosis has been specially designed for active people who want to combine movement and comfort. The comfort sports has the tried-and-tested integrated PowerWave® Technology in its cushion layer. Thanks to this technology, the foot orthosis actively supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the foot. Moderate arch supports allow you to quickly become accustomed to the foot orthosis. Thus, pressure is relieved on the througout entire body. This has a double advantage - it can prevent risk of injury while simultaneously improving performance.

  • > PowerWave® Technology in the cushion layer allows for a natural gait pattern
  • for the sport and leisure
  • > preventative effect

Natural gait pattern

The PowerWave® Technology in the cushion layer of the foot orthosis supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the foot. The soft materials cushion the step, while the rigid materials guide and support the foot where this is needed. Pressure is relieved, both on the feet and on the entire musculoskeletal and locomotor system.

Designs and uses

The foot orthosis optimally meets the requirements of an active lifestyle. The effect of the orthopedic foot orthosis is particularly noticeable with fast, powerful movements. The comfort sports matches the fit of most leisure shoes. It can be fitted in these shoes quickly and easily, provided that they have a removable sole with a thickness of approx. 3 mm and a corresponding width.

Only available from medical retailers

In order to ensure that you receive the best possible care, the comfort sports is only available from a medical retailer – an orthotist. The orthotist will take all the necessary measurements of the foot and diagnose the status of the foot using digital measurement technology/foam imprint/ink imprint/physical examination. Following this process, the foot orthosis can then be fitted into the relevant footwear. Thanks to a foot orthosis of this kind, a standard shoe can be made into a customized shoe. 

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