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Secutec Genu Product

SecuTec® Genu

Functional orthosis for stabilization of the knee

A torn ligament, collateral ligament injury or operation on the meniscus can mean that the knee joint needs to be stabilized from outside for a period of time. SecuTec® Genu is a lightweight but sturdy knee orthosis, designed to fit the anatomy of the leg. It is easy to put on and take off, fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear.

  • > Strong stabilization of the knee
  • > Extremely lightweight and flat
  • > High level of wearing comfort

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Softec Genu Product

SofTec® Genu

Multifunctional orthosis for stabilization of the knee

SofTec® Genu is a multifunctional support for stabilization of the knee. It is used, for example,in cases of torn ligaments, collateral ligament injury, arthritis or in sports therapy. Its construction combines: stability and control provided by fixed joint splints, healing massage provided by a pad on the kneecap and maximum wearing comfort thanks to the anatomically shaped, breathable SofTec® vector-oriented knitted fabric.

  • > Helps to relieve pain
  • > Massages with every movement
  • > "Intelligent" joint splints stabilize the knee
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 MalleoLoc Product


Stabilizing orthosis for stabilization of the ankle

MalleoLoc is an anatomically self-shaping stabilizing orthosis that can be used in the immediate care and treatment of ankle injuries. After serious twisting injuries, torn ligaments and capsular ligament strains, it stabilizes the ankle and protects it from lateral twisting. The normal heel-to-toe movement of the foot is still possible and the support can be worn therapeutically without a shoe.

  • > anatomically self-shaping
  • > Low-fatigue cushioning
  • > stimulates the tibialis anterior muscle

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Stabilizing orthosis for partial immobilization of the ankle

The CaligaLoc anatomically contoured stabilizing orthosis is used as a conservative treatment for torn ankle ligaments, after operations on the ligaments or in cases of chronic instability of the upper and/or lower ankle. It offers round-the-clock protection against unex-pected or excessive strain and prevents the ankle from twisting outwards.

  • > Can be worn with or without normal shoes
  • Stabilizes and protects
  • Easy to put on


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SacroLoc Product


Stabilizing orthosis for relief of the pelvis and the sacroiliac joints

The SacroLoc® orthosis can provide the correct support for sacroiliac joint syndrome (SI joint syndrome) and pain. It stabilizes and relieves pressure on the pelvis and symphysis and, with its two-part visco-elastic cushion (pad), massages the sacroiliac joints. This stimulates circulation, thus helping the healing process.

  • > Stabilizes and relieves pressure
  • > Specifically targets the sacroiliac joints
  • > Can be individually adjusted with tensioning straps
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Softec OA Product

SofTec® OA

Multifunctional orthosis for relief of the medial knee compartment

For an indication of knee arthrosis (medial osteoarthritis of the knee) or following injury of the inner meniscus, the SofTec® OA multifunctional orthosis stabilizes and relieves pressure on the affected area, while simultaneously permitting muscle play. The orthosis consists of a flexible knit and strap system with an integral functional element comprising anatomically contoured shells, pressure cushions (pads) and an air bladder system that can be filled or emptied as required.

  • > Pressure relief in accordance with the 3-point principle helps to alleviate pain
  • > Zippers for ease of putting on and taking off
  • > multi-adjustments possible
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